Will I receive anything in the mail?

No, all products purchased from Cupcakes & Haystacks are digital downloads which you will receive instantly upon purchase. You will not receive any physical objects.

How do I download my purchased files?

After purchasing a digital download from Cupcakes & Haystacks, you will instantly receive your file for download. Depending on the size of the file, you may receive a link to download your purchase from Google Drive. All you need to do is click the Google Drive link provided and follow the simple instructions.

Can I share my digital downloads with anyone else?

No. These files are for your personal use only. They may not be sold, copied, distributed, shared or altered in any way. Do not share these files with anyone else, such as friends and family. They are solely for you as a paying customer.


How do I print borderless or to the edge of my paper?

To print borderless, you must have a printer that supports this feature. You'll want to take a look at your printer settings and see if this is an option. Each printer is different, so for instructions on how to make the necessary adjustments, please refer to your printer's manual.

In what sizes can I print my Ultimate Dottie Journal or printable?

At Cupcakes & Haystacks we do our best to offer our products in all the most popular print sizes. Please refer to the listing description for specific details on print sizes.

Do you offer custom print sizes?

At Cupcakes & Haystacks we do our best to offer our products in all the most popular print sizes. For this reason, we do not offer custom print sizes.

Does it take a lot of ink to print these designs?

I'm glad you asked! We have designed all our printables to be ink friendly in an effort to keep your printing costs low!


Do you offer custom services?

Yes. At this time, Cupcakes & Haystacks does offer services for custom Pinterest pins and Etsy listing images. Please refer to the Cupcakes & Haystacks Etsy shop to view these options. All other custom requests will be considered on a case by case basis. Please feel free to contact us on Etsy or by clicking on the chat box in the lower right hand corner to discuss your needs.


Do you offer returns or exchanges?

No. Due to the digital nature of Cupcakes & Haystacks' products, We do not issue refunds or exchanges.


Still have questions? No worries, I'm happy to help! Please feel free to email me directly by clicking on the chat box in the bottom right hand corner.

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