Who I am and what I do...

Hi, I'm Jayme Ballard of Cupcakes & Haystacks! I'm a graphic designer, coffee addict, pastry enthusiast, proud momma to two fur babies, a daughter of Christ, and I am OBSESSED with digital planning and journaling!

Starting my passive income planner business has given me the opportunity to build a life I love on my own terms and I'd be honored to help you do the same!

THIS is why I create courses, programs, planners, and journals for women who are yearning for the freedom to dream big and live a life they adore!


When I first opened my little shop, I filled it with basic planners - I offered a variety of pages to help plan your days.

But there was a point at which I realized I had a unique voice and a specific set of experiences that contained the power to connect with & help other women - this is when I began crafting my digital journals.

my planners and journals

I create faith based digital planners and journals to help you organize your day, brainstorm your best business ideas, imagine your dream life, and grow in your walk with Christ! Check them out in my Etsy shop!

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Customer Testamonial

"Having not been brought up with an active faith life, I never really knew how to STUDY the Bible in a way that allowed me to keep a journal, record my prayers and those that have been answered, etc. I have found this product to be amazing. It has guided me toward really meditating on the Word in a way that sticks with me all day long. Thank you for that! I haven’t established a solid routine yet, when I do it will be a meaningful one.

Also, I am totally new to digital planners. I had heard about them through another seller's work, but when I compared her bible journal to this, this just had so much more direction and opportunity as I grow in my walk with God - definitely not just a beginner journal!"

Lisa | Etsy Customer

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