Create THE sales page that will have your customers throwing their money at you - no matter what platform you're using.

You will have everything you need to create a BEAUTIFUL sales page that converts!

Do you have an AMAZING product or service that you KNOW your audience will love - but have NO IDEA how to create a sales page that will do your offer justice? This course is for you!


Step-by-step video instructions

Create a sales page with me - from start to finish!

Each lesson includes detailed video instructions. Together we'll collect information for your sales page, put together a gorgeous brand, and build a fabulous sales page layout!


canva templates to build your sales page

You'll get the EXACT templates I used to build THIS sales page!

Titles, hero images, reviews, your bio, product mockups, and SO MUCH MORE! Create your sales page, block-by-block, with these fully customizable Canva templates.


BONUS: A fabulous interactive workbook!

If you are anything like me, you absolutely LOVE a good shortcut!

Use your workbook to collect your sales page information. Then, when you're ready, simply copy and paste your text directly to your layout!


lifetime access to all course content

Feel free to move through the course at your own pace and revisit the content at any time!

You'll receive lifetime access to the student hub, video tutorials, sales page templates, workbook, plus any future course updates!


"Jayme makes gorgeous, high quality sales pages. You can tell she always puts a lot of love and care into each course and product she offers, and that includes her sales pages.

Her design elements are gorgeous and her sales page is always inviting... almost too much so, as I can never pass up one of her offers. All of Jayme's sales pages are beautiful, informative, professional and easy to navigate."


What EXACTLY am I going to learn about creating a sales page inside this course?

within the lessons, you'll learn how to...

Become WILDLY successful in your online business!

Learn how to create a beautiful sales page that converts your visits to sales!

I'm Ready to Join!

Sales Page

noun | [ˈseɪlz ˈpeɪdʒ]

A single page, usually found on your website, that is designed to sell your products, courses, services, communities, and memberships.

A successful sales page will communicate to your visitor that your product or service has the ability to solve a particular problem they have or will meet a specific need.

Your sales page is the face of your business, and when designed correctly, will allow you to make money.

You're not in this alone - just consider me your sales page bestie!


Hi, I'm Jayme - owner and creator of Cupcakes & Haystacks! I have my own Etsy shop selling digital planners and prayer journals but I also LOVE creating courses for female business owners just like YOU!

I remember when I created my first course. I was SO excited to launch - UNTIL I realized I completely forgot about creating a sales page! How could I overlook such a crucial step??

I fumbled my way through that first sales page, but let me tell ya, it was a hot mess. Since then, I've worked hard to perfect my sales page game and in the past 12 months, I've grossed over $100k with my courses and programs!


Now, I want to share with YOU all the tools I wish that I had when creating my very first sales page!

I will walk you through each step of your sales page creation - working right alongside you. In fact, you'll be able to watch me build THIS sales page in real time!

Together, we'll gather all the information you need to communicate to your future customers, build a GORGEOUS brand, customize the Canva templates, and plan an amazing layout.

What steps will I take to create my sales page?



Collect all your sales page information and add it to your workbook (I'll walk you through this).



Put together a beautiful brand for your sales page by selecting a color palette, fonts, and graphics.



Use the provided Canva templates to easily create BEAUTIFUL graphics for your sales page design.



Bring all your collected information and graphics together to plan an amazing layout!

Now you're ready to add everything to your sales page platform of choice!

This course is the PERFECT fit, no matter what platform you use to host your page!

When it comes to hosting your sales page, there are SO MANY options out there! Wordpress, Teachery, Squarespace, etc. That's why I intentionally created lessons that would be suitable for EVERYONE.

Instead of teaching you how to use a specific platform, you'll learn how to create your graphics and plan your layout using Canva templates! When you're ready, export your customized graphics as PNGs and drop them into your platform of choice.



"Jayme is a genius when it comes to making sales pages! I'm always astonished with each new sales page she creates. They are beautiful works of art that actually convert people into buyers.

She easily breaks down every piece of a sales page and shows you how to create that part and the why behind it. Whenever I need some sales page inspiration, her sales pages are my go to. Her course is an absolute game changer.

If you want to learn how to create gorgeous sales pages for your products while creating paying customers that love your product, you need this course!"

Michelle Simpkin  |  wild & solo


This sales page course is great for beginners and advanced designers alike!

Are you new to the world of design and feeling a bit nervous about creating a beautiful sales page that will actually make your visitors want to buy your product or service? You're covered!

Not only will you receive video tutorials guiding you through the customization process of your templates, but you'll also find an entire lesson dedicated to branding your sales page using Canva Pro!

You will learn how to:

  • Select tasteful font pairings
  • Choose complimentary patterns, textures and graphics
  • Create a unique color palette you LOVE
  • Put all your design elements together in a beautiful mood board (includes a free mood board template)...and more!

You are going to LOVE using these Canva templates to build your layout...


There is NOTHING worse than sitting in front of a blank computer screen and having NO IDEA where to start. That's why I've included Canva templates to help you quickly and easily create beautiful graphics and build your sales page layout.

In fact, you'll get the same exact templates that I used to build THIS sales page!


These fully customizable Canva templates will allow you to EASILY create beautiful graphics for your sales page layout:

  • Product and service titles
  • Hero images
  • Product mockups
  • "What's included"
  • Reviews and testimonials
  • Your personal bio
  • Special features
  • FAQ's
  • Refund policy
  • And MUCH more!

Watch the video below to get an inside tour!


"Jayme's sales pages are top notch. They are professional, very inviting, engaging and I can never seem to pass up a product. That buy button always seems to call my name.

Jayme's sales pages are easy to navigate and answer most if not all of my questions and the design elements are really stunning."



to each of these sales page lessons and resources...


THIS is where you'll download your bonus workbook!


 Learn how to establish a trust with your future customers!


Learn how to communicate that your product can solve a specific problem.


Learn how to build a sense of excitement on your sales page.


Learn how to effectively answer your customers' questions.


Learn how to create a sales page that makes your visitors WANT to say "YES!"


Learn how to create a beautiful brand by choosing your color palette, fonts, and graphics.


Learn how to put together a fabulous sales page layout using Canva templates!


Use these tips to make sure your sales page is ready to be launched!


    If you like shortcuts, you'll LOVE this interactive workbook!

    At the end of each lesson, open your workbook in Canva and complete your homework assignment. When you're ready, simply copy and paste your text directly from your workbook to your layout!

    This method will save you a TON of time when building your sales pages.

    In the workbook you'll track:

    • your main message or statement
    • the features and benefits of your product or service
    • customer reviews and testimonials
    • your personal bio - and much more!


    Hi, I'm Jayme!

    I'm the owner and creator of Cupcakes & Haystacks!

    I'm a bookworm, coffee addict, full-time RVer, proud mama to two fur babies, I'm a graphic designer, and I LOVE creating "pretty things."

    Starting my online business has given me the opportunity to build a life I love on my own terms and I'd be honored to help you do the same! This is why I create courses and programs for women who are yearning for the freedom to dream big and design a life they adore.


    What's included in your purchase...

    • Lifetime access to all course content, PLUS any future updates or bonuses
    • Canva templates to help you EASILY create beautiful graphics for your sales page
    • Detailed video tutorials where I will walk you through creating a beautiful sales page
    • An interactive workbook to help guide you through your sales page creation

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    Since you gain instant access to the entire course and templates upon purchase, I do not offer refunds. Please read through the whole sales page carefully (including the FAQs below) before choosing to purchase and, of course, if you have ANY questions, please email me by clicking on the chat button in the bottom right hand corner!


    "Every time I peek at Jayme's sales pages, it makes me remember that a few hours working on my own sales pages could make all the difference.

    Here's the thing...I actually WANT to read Jayme's sales pages. They are beautiful, colorful, broken down into easily digestible sections and provide ALL the information I need to make the decision to buy, buy, buy!

    I look forward to taking Jayme's class. I just know with a little help from her, my pages will be just as beautiful and ultimately convert into more sales!"


    Did you know that your sales page is the face of your product or service?

    Create a sales page layout that your visitors will absolutely LOVE...


    frequently asked questions

    what are you waiting for?

    Create a beautifully fierce sales page that your customers won't be able to resist!

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