The Extraordinary Digital Planner Design Course

Do you want to learn how to create and sell beautiful, realistic, landscape style digital planners? Do you have printables that you'd love to turn into a digital planner, journal or workbook? Are you looking for a fun way to create passive income so have the freedom to live the life that you are dreaming of?

You're going to want to check out this course!


The Cupcakes & Haystacks Planner Club

Do you LOVE planning and journaling? Tired of purchasing a new planner every year? Would you like to have a wide and ever growing selection of both digital and printable planners and journals at your fingertips?

Guess, what? This is for YOU! When you join The Cupcakes & Haystacks Planner Club, you'll get lifetime access to the ENTIRE planner inventory!


My Bestselling Whole Life Binder Bundle

You're going to LOVE this planner bundle! With your purchase, you'll get both the digital AND printable versions of my new and updated My Whole Life Binder, exclusive access to the customer hub, and detailed instructions on how to download and use your new digital planner!

Inside you'll find weekly and daily planner pages, a lovely prayer journal, meal planner, budget and habit trackers, and much, much more!


Shop All of My Digital and Printable Planners and Prayer Journals

Shop my ENTIRE collection of digtal and printable planners and prayer journals in my Etsy shop!

You'll find a wide selection in both traditional and bullet journaling formats!


Below I've provided affiliate links to all of my favorite products! This means, that if you purchase, I'll recieve a small commision at no extra cost to you! But rest assured, each recommendation I make is not only AMAZING but are products that I have purchased and use in my own business! Thank you so much for your support 🙂 

The Canva Template Kit for Etsy Bosses

Do you want to create a printable planner to sell in your Etsy shop but you're not so confident in your graphic design skills?

OR maybe you've created an amazing digital planner and you're looking for planner pages to fill it up with. Guess what?? These are the EXACT templates that I use for many of my own digital planner pages!


The Magic Is You: Group Coaching Experience

Embrace the inner work of becoming who you really are, trusting your intuition, and going all in on your zone of genius.

This coaching program has been a GAME CHANGER in both my personal life and my business!


Passive Income Planner Girl

Are you a planner girl with dreams of turning your passion for planners into a full-fledge, heart-centered business full of raving fans? If you said “YASSS!”, then this course is for you.

This is where my personal passive income journey began!


Creating Digital Stickers for Non-Artists

Have you ever wanted to create your own digital stickers? But maybe you're not the most artistic person or, let's be honest, you suck at drawing. (Don't worry, you aren't alone!)

Michelle created this course to help artists and non-artists alike create cute and easy digital stickers to go with your digital planners. Whether you're a die hard digital planner lover or you've got your own Etsy shop, this course is for you.

All while using super-easy-to-use software like Canva, PicMonkey, and Apple Keynotes.


Digital Planning Instructions Canva Template

Are you afraid of customers having technical questions about your digital planners?

Let's remove that fear by providing them with an Instructions Manual explaining to them how to download and use your digital planners and stickers! 



30 Day Etsy Upgrade Plan

Ready to take your Etsy Shop to the next level but you're not even sure where to start?

The Etsy Upgrade Plan is an interactive 30 Day Game Plan that will guide you through a series of tactical and impactful steps to improve the way your Etsy Shop works, build your confidence and start gaining traction. So you can start waking up to more sales, build a shop you love and manage your Etsy Business with ease.


An Unboring Business Roadmap

How good would it feel to stop trying to do it all, and instead methodically improve one aspect of your business at a time so you could start seeing real momentum?

Jason and Caroline will show you exactly what to improve in your online business AND in what order, so you can grow your revenue and live a more spacious, satisfying life.

Enrollment is only available a few times a year but if you send me a message, I can share a super secret link to get you in TODAY (shhh 🤫)!

PS: For all you Teachery users out there, lifetime access to the Teachery platform is INCLUDED with your WAIM Unlimited membership. I know! Amazing, right?!


Basil & Bark Templates

Never design another worksheet, graphic or slide deck again! 🙌

This membership has been a HUGE time AND money saver in my business. With the lifetime membership you'll get access to the entire collection of customizable templates from Basil & Bark - all of your design assets in a box!

Join today and get instant access to over 875 unique designs in Canva, Adobe and Affinity formats.


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