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Hello, I’m Jayme! I’m the creator and mastermind behind Cupcakes & Haystacks. I’ve had a lot on my mind lately and there’s so much I want to share with you! But I suppose it would probably be more prudent to give you a bit of context first. So, as with any respectable introduction, let me tell you a bit about myself!

I’m an artist, a designer, entrepreneur, and audiobook addict. I love Hallmark movies and really great coffee. I’m a momma to two fur babies and since I believe wholeheartedly that black leggings are not only acceptable but superior pants, I am consistently glittered with cat fur.

I am a list maker, a planner, a lover of all things sweet, and will unapologetically proclaim to the world that I make the best cinnamon rolls you’ll ever put into your mouth. I swear it!

What’s even more important than all of this, though? I’m a daughter of Christ. Not the kind that believes herself to be perfect, or always makes the right life decisions (TRUST ME!) but the kind that tries her best but sometimes fails miserably. The kind that is most certainly in need of a savior and is grateful that He is always there to pick me up when I fall flat on my face.

And this brings me to the creation of my first printable planner…

I remember the day I choose to start my own business. I had quit my job as an administrative assistant to take a full-time position as a nanny. It seemed too good to be true – the hours, the pay – it was PERFECT! I was in design school and that full-time schedule was making it increasingly difficult to work the typical 9-5.

Turns out it WAS too good to be true! The woman I would be working for ghosted me. I was completely jobless with a virtually empty bank account.

Now, it’s worth mentioning that at this time in my life, I also had a whole lot of other junk going on…mostly revolving around the fact that I was in the midst of the crummiest of all crummy relationships (I’ll get more into this another time) and you could say that this was the last straw. It felt a bit like everything was closing in on me and I became aware of the fact that I, most certainly, was not living the life that God had intended for me.

After a few days of absolute panic, I decided it was time to start putting my education to work. On a whim, I signed up for an online course called Passive Income Planner Girl that taught me how to create and sell planners for passive income.

It wasn’t that I had an unbridled passion for printables (but I promise not to judge if YOU do), but I adore graphic design, and the creator of the course, Michelle Rohr, had a passion for female entrepreneurship that really spoke to what I was feeling. Within a few weeks, I’d opened my first Etsy shop and it wasn’t long before my printable planners became digital planners.

The day I purchased that course with some of the LAST (and I DO mean last) pennies in my bank account, I had no idea of what I had put into motion but there was such relief in finally doing SOMETHING. I wasn’t successful overnight. My little business took a lot of work and even more love…but I’ve enjoyed every single step along the way.

Since I launched my first digital planner a little over a year ago, I have brought in thousands of dollars. In fact, in March of 2020, I was able to fund the purchase of my brand new RV with the money that I made from Etsy (another story for another day)! And at the end of 2020, I began the next phase of my business when I launched my very first course! In The Extraordinary Digital Planner Design Course, I teach you exactly how I create my best-selling digital planners.

My hope is that through this course, I won’t just teach you how to start your own digital planner business but I want to offer you the same encouragement and empowerment that I experienced when taking Michelle’s course!

I’m still on a journey to discovering what God has next for me. It’s a little scary, but exciting too. I’d love for you to join me! Share a bit of your own story and let’s encourage each other to live the lives that God intended for us, one small task at a time!

xoxo – Jayme

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